When looking for a new car, you can decide if leasing or buying the vehicle is best for you. Below we briefly explain the benefits of both.

Why Leasing Might Be Better For You

  • Smaller monthly payments - Leases are usually cheaper month-to-month vs. buying the car outright
  • Smaller down payment - Less money up front, less money per month, might mean a higher end car for you
  • Spend less on maintenance and repairs - Usually you only have to worry about minor maintenance items
  • Get into a new car more often - Leases usually are for a special time period, after the lease, get a new car

Why Buying Might Be Better For You

  • Ownership - You own the car, customize it, upgrade accessories to make it unique
  • More freedom - No mileage restrictions, drive as many miles a year as you wish!
  • Ability to sell - You can sell your car any time you want or need to
  • Cheaper in the long run - Cars last well beyond the last payment, it's like driving for free

Ultimately, you will have to consider which option is best for you and your family based on your financial situation, driving habits, and more.

Once you have decided which option is best for you, visit Hopkins Ford and we'll help you finance your next new vehicle!