Have you been wondering, "What is Ford EcoBoost®?" EcoBoost® engines have been engineered to maximize power and efficiency through the use of turbocharging and direct fuel injection. These engines are a great choice for drivers looking to save at the pump without sacrificing power under the hood or splurging on a diesel or hybrid engine. To help you learn more about these revolutionary engines, the product specialists at Hopkins Ford in Elgin, IL have compiled the overview below.

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A 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor driving through the mud

Turbocharged Performance

On a typical engine, exhaust is expelled and serves no other purpose. In an EcoBoost® engine, however, energy from the exhaust is used to rotate a turbine. That turbine is paired with a compressor that pressurizes the air coming into the combustion chambers, generating a near instantaneous surge of power. This method drastically increases output per liter.

Direct Fuel Injection

Direct fuel injection uses an innovative method of fuel delivery by injecting a fine mist of fuel directly into the engine's combustion chamber, optimizing efficiency while maximizing power.

 A 2018 Ford Expedition driving through the mountains

Which Models Come Equipped with Ford EcoBoost®?

No matter what type of vehicle you're looking for, there's an EcoBoost® option for you! At Hopkins Ford, we have several Ford cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans available with Ford EcoBoost® engine options. Check out the table below to find a model that works for you, and then head over to our new inventory to see available trim packages at our Ford dealership in Elgin, IL!

Ford EcoBoost® Cars

Ford EcoBoost® SUVs

Ford EcoBoost® Trucks & Vans


  A 2018 Ford Edge driving past the city skyline

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